What is AngularJS 2.0?

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Greetings my fellow Coders!


  • Front-end Web TypeScript/JavaScript MVC/MVVM/MV* UI framework for SPA (Single Page Applications)
  • Rewrite of version 1.x/not backwards compatible
  • May 2015 Google previewed
  • Version 1 debuted in 2009

Why Use It?

  • Build complex elegant web or hybrid-mobile apps
  • Full-fledged framework as opposed to a small library. Not just the V (View) but also the controller/ViewModel, etc.
    • Routing
    • Binding
    • Many improvements over 1.x, lessons learned to carry over best practices
      • Performance
      • Simplified
      • adheres more to current and future standards
      • Web components
    • Productivity with more promotion/usage of TypeScript, which aids productivity around
      • compile-time checking
      • auto-complete/intellisense
      • tooling support for classes, interfaces

When not to use it; concerns

  • When you need need native apps for squeezing out maximum performance (NativeScript tries to address some of this by building native apps from one JavaScript code-base)
  • SEO may be more complicated (isomorphic/universal nature tries to address this by rending on the server)
  • React may be faster in some scenarios for the view/rendering (Angular 2 is much faster than Angular 1, and close to React with it’s own implementation of the shadow DOM)
  • Size/payload may be larger than some other libraries (libraries and modularity still being optimized at the time of this writing)

Let’s go play with some code!


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