Google and Microsoft had a Baby Called Angular 2 w TypeScript, and it’s Beautiful!

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Greetings my fellow coders!

It is an exciting time to be a coder, even a front-end web coder.

Angular 2 with TypeScript has been such a delight to work with to build digital life, web apps, and I look forward to hybrid-mobile and desktop development with them.

The strongly-typed nature of TypeScript and the object-oriented concepts that ES6 enabled, has made refactoring and efficiency high, as well as made our code-base so much smaller and maintainable. It is not like I have not used OOP object oriented programming before in .NET and JAVA, but I was just blown away by what can now be achieved in a browser running ES5.

Some highlights have been:

  • intellisense/autocomplete
  • design-time/type errors
  • inheritance
  • generics
  • binding to standard ES6 classes instead of Angular 1.x $scope

… to be continued

Let’s go play with some code!

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