Our Favorite Visual Studio Code Shortcuts

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Greetings my fellow coders!


Here are some of our favorite short-cuts for Visual Studio Code. We will update it continually. What are some of yours? We’d love to learn and share!

UPDATE: 20160316 – Wow! Code folding made it recently!
Fold (Ctrl+Shift+[) folds the innermost uncollapsed region at the cursor
Unfold (Ctrl+Shift+]) unfolds the collapsed region at the cursor
Fold All (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+[) folds all region in the editor
Unfold All (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+]) unfolds all regions in the editor

Find Files: Ctrl-p, then just start typing

List Actions: Ctrl-p then ?

Commands: Ctrl-p then >

Format code: Shift-alt-f

Comment/uncomment code: Ctrl-/

Reload window: Ctrl-p, then > then start typing “reload”

User settings: Ctrl-p > Preferences: open user settings

Search all: Ctrl-shift-f or the 2nd menu item

Replace: Ctrl-h

Save all: Alt-f, then a

Zoom in or out entire IDE text: Ctrl and + or –


Let’s go play with some code!

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