AdventureWorks DNA contest entry on Angular Attack!

Greetings my fellow coders!

We were busy this past weekend, having fun working on a coding contest entry for Angular Attack. We learned so much about Angular 2, deployment with Surge, Azure, code generation, and have a lot of new ideas and tasks to work on.

Our entry:

View the screencast:

Special thank you to John Papa, Scott Allen, Julie Lerman, Deborah KurataJoe EamesShawn Wildermuth, and the rest of the crew for all the awesome training content!

Some of the resource we used:

Let’s go play with some code!

Google and Microsoft had a Baby Called Angular 2 w TypeScript, and it’s Beautiful!

Greetings my fellow coders!

It is an exciting time to be a coder, even a front-end web coder.

Angular 2 with TypeScript has been such a delight to work with to build digital life, web apps, and I look forward to hybrid-mobile and desktop development with them.

The strongly-typed nature of TypeScript and the object-oriented concepts that ES6 enabled, has made refactoring and efficiency high, as well as made our code-base so much smaller and maintainable. It is not like I have not used OOP object oriented programming before in .NET and JAVA, but I was just blown away by what can now be achieved in a browser running ES5.

Some highlights have been:

  • intellisense/autocomplete
  • design-time/type errors
  • inheritance
  • generics
  • binding to standard ES6 classes instead of Angular 1.x $scope

… to be continued

Let’s go play with some code!

Angular Architects blog has arrived!

Greetings my fellow Coders!

We at .NET Architects, Inc. love Angular JS, and no one can stop us from learning and sharing information about Angular JS. We will focus on Angular JS and it’s related technologies like Angular 2, TypeScript, Material Design, NG6, webpack, gulp, Visual Studio Code, and keep it really focused, no fluff, essentials. Think “Cave-Man talk”.

Let’s play with some code!