AdventureWorks DNA contest entry on Angular Attack!

Greetings my fellow coders!

We were busy this past weekend, having fun working on a coding contest entry for Angular Attack. We learned so much about Angular 2, deployment with Surge, Azure, code generation, and have a lot of new ideas and tasks to work on.

Our entry:

View the screencast:

Special thank you to John Papa, Scott Allen, Julie Lerman, Deborah KurataJoe EamesShawn Wildermuth, and the rest of the crew for all the awesome training content!

Some of the resource we used:

Let’s go play with some code!

Our Favorite Visual Studio Code Shortcuts

Greetings my fellow coders!


Here are some of our favorite short-cuts for Visual Studio Code. We will update it continually. What are some of yours? We’d love to learn and share!

UPDATE: 20160316 – Wow! Code folding made it recently!
Fold (Ctrl+Shift+[) folds the innermost uncollapsed region at the cursor
Unfold (Ctrl+Shift+]) unfolds the collapsed region at the cursor
Fold All (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+[) folds all region in the editor
Unfold All (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+]) unfolds all regions in the editor

Find Files: Ctrl-p, then just start typing

List Actions: Ctrl-p then ?

Commands: Ctrl-p then >

Format code: Shift-alt-f

Comment/uncomment code: Ctrl-/

Reload window: Ctrl-p, then > then start typing “reload”

User settings: Ctrl-p > Preferences: open user settings

Search all: Ctrl-shift-f or the 2nd menu item

Replace: Ctrl-h

Save all: Alt-f, then a

Zoom in or out entire IDE text: Ctrl and + or –


Let’s go play with some code!